Spiffygirl-Be determined to learn English well

Spiffygirl, English learning as a language skill, through a lot of training and practice anyone can master. Generally speaking, the principle of English learning is to listen, that lead, read and write to keep up. Li Yang's crazy English advocacy, first of all to establish the confidence I can learn English, and then to sentence as a unit, a lot of imitation, crazy drills, loudly read, and finally to speak freely to speak English, his way to improve the English Ability to work well. Professor Chung Dao Lung began to study English at the age of 45, and after a year of study, he studied abroad and translated it, and created a reverse approach, anxious, a reverse approach to learning English. He also proposed to learn English to follow the listening, writing, speaking, back, want to approach, his method emphasizes to listen to the main, and all the contents of the written to write down. Especially the spirit of his study is the best, he learn English with a dozen dozen tape recorders, you can imagine how many English he heard; run out of the ball pen is almost filled with a cans, you can imagine he wrote How much, in a year and a half, the cumulative amateur learning English time about three thousand hours, also said that every day out of hours to learn English. If we do him, we can learn English well. The most important thing is to insist, as long as they can make up their minds, insist on at least one hour a day to learn English, to overcome the self will certainly be harvested. Attention method, step by step determination determined, but also pay attention to learning methods, sometimes according to their own situation and different learning purposes, choose a different learning methods, but learning English must be down to step by step to go. To master the basic knowledge, that is, to correct the pronunciation, the basic vocabulary to grasp the prison, the basic sentence to be skilled, the basic grammar to use.

(1) to have a good voice off. The correct pronunciation of each tone, pay attention to correct the problem of the phonemes, especially those easy to confuse the phonemes, as early as possible to master the international phonetic symbols, and try to master some of the pronunciation rules, as soon as possible to use the pronunciation rules to spell words, master the pronunciation rules Word memory and spelling are very useful.

(2) master a certain number of English words. For learners to master the English vocabulary is a difficulty, learning words from the word shape, sound, meaning these three aspects to master, to pay attention to the word word polysemy, the word multi-class usage, to learn some word method Knowledge, to expand vocabulary. Learning words to learn in the language materials, to combine the phrase, through the sentence, read the article to remember the word, the word is not recorded in mind. Adhere to read, say before, first listen, listen to the time to respond to words, sentences and rhythm, like the words of the spelling, sentence structure. And with the learning grammar rules organically combined.

(3) master the basic grammar. Grammar is also important in learning English, it can help us grasp the basic laws of English, dead grammar rules to remember that live rules to do through a lot of practice to master. In short learning English through listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation to practice, not only to pay attention to quantity, more important is to pay attention to quality, especially the basic knowledge to grasp the accurate and skilled. Only after a lot of practice, can be done to practice, make use of ease. Advance preview, targeted as a student, before each class, have to learn the text in advance preview. First in the phonetic with the help of trying to spell the word, you can also use the matching tape repeatedly listen to, compare to grasp the not allowed to be marked out, pay attention to the teacher's pronunciation, but also remember the words of the Chinese meaning and part of speech. With the text of the Notes or counseling materials, preview the text again, find out do not understand the place, be aware of the number of lectures in the teacher pay attention to listen to these places.

In short, the purpose of the preview is to familiar with the content to find, do not understand the place, with the problem lectures, so targeted. Seriously lectures, and actively cooperate with the classroom is the teacher and students together to learn, master, the use of knowledge of the main places. As a leading role of the teacher side to guide students to do a good job in classroom teaching is necessary, but also requires the active cooperation of learners. Class to concentrate on listening, make notes, earnestly practice, positive thinking. The problems encountered in the classroom teachers did not talk about, to the teacher, the problem is clear, the teacher taught the problem, first listen to, after school finishing notes, think about these questions again and again, to seize the teacher The focus, difficulties and test sites. In short, the class to be audible, eye, mouth moving, brain thought, to mobilize a number of senses to. Complete the homework, find the problem finished each lesson, to seriously complete the homework. Do the work must not look at the reference book on the answer, after the completion of the answer, for the operation of the problems that do not understand, should be written down, so the next class to put forward. Homework is a very important part of English learning, it is to digest the knowledge and the process of consolidating knowledge, we must seriously complete the required homework, writing a move to move a pen, verbal work to move a mouth, improve hearing to practice a practice , The text on the basis of listening and reading, it is best to recite some wonderful paragraphs. In short, to do a lot of practice, English is out of practice, must not be lazy. Timely review, the consolidation of knowledge learned things with the passage of time will gradually forgotten, but the language of forgetting phenomenon is normal. Not because of the forgotten phenomenon and affect their own learning English confidence and determination. The question is how to reduce the degree of forgetting. Good at analogy, sum up knowledge, the new knowledge of the school with the past to learn the knowledge of horizontal and vertical comparison and contact. Create an error file record to deepen your impressions to avoid the same mistakes. Most of our knowledge and skills are obtained by repeated, timely review is necessary for the memory, learning English is to adhere to every day constantly practice, continue to repeat the basic sentence, commonly used words and basic grammar. The process of learning English is also the process of fighting with the forgotten. All in all, as long as you can do the determination, pay attention to learning methods, pre-class preview, earnestly lectures, complete homework, timely review.



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